Friday, August 12, 2011

Anyone Can Sketch - Part 6

I've been painting (which is always good when that's how you make your living).  My kids finally came down and asked "when are we going to sketch again" so I guess it is time for a post.

We were originally going to use this session to draw some of the many animals we have around our house but between the time I planned the sessions and yesterday we lost a cat and a dog to automobiles and we gave away all of our kittens.... so stuffed animals it is.

There is not much to say about this session other than what I have said before.  I set up the various stuffed animals all over the couch so the kids would have many posses to choose from. We did not concentrate on shadow or form. I just let them have at it. Once again, until we get into learning to draw, the most important part of learning to sketch is doing it and hopefully enjoying yourself along the way.

My younger daughter is pleased as punch with this approach but my son is longing to make his sketches more correct. Both are in a good place,  I just think it is about time to take the man child farther down the rabbit hole.

Our next and last sketching session is going to be a trip to the zoo in about two weeks. So it will be awhile before there is another "Anyone Can Sketch" post.

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